splot.mapping.shift_colormap(cmap, start=0, midpoint=0.5, stop=1.0, name='shiftedcmap')[source]

Function to offset the “center” of a colormap. Useful for data with a negative min and positive max and you want the middle of the colormap’s dynamic range to be at zero

cmapstr or matplotlib.cm instance

colormap to be altered

startfloat, optional

Offset from lowest point in the colormap’s range. Should be between 0.0 and midpoint. Default =0.0 (no lower ofset).

midpointfloat, optional

The new center of the colormap.Should be between 0.0 and 1.0. In general, this should be 1 - vmax/(vmax + abs(vmin)). For example if your data range from -15.0 to +5.0 and you want the center of the colormap at 0.0, midpoint should be set to 1 - 5/(5 + 15)) or 0.75. Default =0.5 (no shift).

stopfloat, optional

Offset from highets point in the colormap’s range. Should be between midpoint and 1.0. Default =1.0 (no upper ofset).

namestr, optional

Name of the new colormap.

new_cmapA new colormap that has been shifted.